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United in Diversity: an illustrated album about powerful women

Mixed media



In celebration of International Women's Day, the "União das Ilustradoras Brasileiras" (UIB) is pleased to present the project "United in Diversity: an illustrated album about powerful women". In the format of a beautiful sticker album, we have honored more than 30 Brazilian women who have innovated, transformed and given new meaning to the role of women in our country.

Overall, 32 women were selected, of which 4 were chosen from 8 thematic areas: Visual Arts, Science, Sports, Historical Figures, Literature, Music, Politics and Television. The collaborative project involved 28 illustrators, each of whom contributed to the design of the stickers according to their own artistic style. After all, with such diverse honorees, nothing could be more fitting than representing them with the most varied styles of work we have in our community. So... come and enjoy the end result of this collaboration and get to know a little more about each of the women featured.

It's time to put our stickers together!

Pacote Figurinha OP 2 fundo rosa~claro.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 artes.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 ciencia.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 esporte.jpg
títulosBehanceFIGURA HISTORICAb.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 fighistorica.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 literatura.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 musica.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 politica.jpg
Free_Square_Brochure_Mockup_05 televisao.jpg



Organização / Organization:

Loren Bergantini (

Capa / Cover:
Loren Bergantini (
Patricia Camata (@pcamata |


Curadoria / Curatorship:

Bruna (@conradr4ws |
Cindi S. Nascimento (@Cindilante /
Eduarda Bittencourt (madu__bittencourt /
Giovanna Santos (@hgiovannasantos |
Patrícia Camata (@pcamata |
Stefanne Laia (@stefannelaia)


Cindi S. Nascimento (@Cindilante /
Débora Floriano (@dhe_floriano |    
Giovanna Baptista  (@ggbaptista /
Maiara Araujo (@maiilustra|
Patricia Camata (@pcamata |


Redação / Text:
Bruna Conrado (@conradr4ws |
Giovanna Santos (@hgiovannasantos |  
Letícia Joy (@leticiajoyart |


Ilustrações / Illustration:
Aghata Gontijo (@heyagontijo |
Alexandra Terzian (@aleterzianarte |    
Bruna Conrado (@conradr4ws |    
Cindi S. Nascimento (@Cindilante |   
Cookie (@cookieartzzz -
Débora Floriano (@dhe_floriano |    
Eduarda Bittencourt (@madu__bittencourt/ |  
Elida Almeida (@elidaallm |
Giovanna Baptista  (@ggbaptista /
Giovanna Santos (@hgiovannasantos |  
Grazielle Marques (    
Ingrid Morais (@ilustraguigui | )    
Isabela Paar (@isabelapaar |    
Jéssica Lemos (@lemos_dona |  
Juliana Garcia (@juliannagarcia_com /
Letícia Joy (@leticiajoyart |    
Loren Bergantini ( |    
Luísa Lôbo (@lulobo_art |    
Maiara Araujo (@maiilustra |
May Aniya (@may.aokianiya |    
Nayane Cunha ( @navecriativastudio |    
Patricia Camata (@pcamata |    
Sheyla Nogueira (@SheyNog |
Stefanne Laia (@stefannelaia)    
Suelen Dutra (@bubu_ssauro |    
Susane Carvalho  (@suusaneh |
Suzzana Magalhães (@_suzzana | )    
Veridiana Camelo ( | )   



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