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Act now against climate change

Vector art



This series of posters was created to drive attention to the urgency of action against climate change.


The posters are based on the idea that humanity is almost reaching a point of no return on this matter. It is a call for real actions against this problem, because we have no more time to think or discuss anymore. The solution is to get out of our selfish isolated problems and act together to change the future of our planet.

The first illustration "No more time to think" depicts a big tsunami that is about to drown a thinking man, that is so absorbed by his own problems that he does not realize the danger he is about to face. Furthermore, the poster visually makes reference to "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" (1831) by Hokusai and "The Thinker" (1904) by Rodin, representing the union of west and east. The second composition "Our house is burning" is a closeup on The Thinker statue, depicting it surrounded by fire. It represents the urgency of change. The third poster "Climate is changing, why aren't we?" depicts a flooded "Venus de Milo" (150-125 BC) by Alexandros of Antioch surrounded by garbage. The image is a representation of the future consequences of climate change if humanity does not change its own habits. The last poster "Climate change: no past no future" depicts the destruction of the Parthenon, a symbol of the democracy and western culture, by fire. It represents the risk of losing our past and our future because of our inability to stop the destruction of the planet due to climate change.

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