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100 years of nosferatu

Digital Painting



In 2022, the first cinema vampire "Nosferatu" turned a hundred years old. These four commemorative posters celebrate this centenary. The pieces were based on the idea of mixing Nosferatu with technologies unavailable 100 years ago, such as neon lights and smartphones. The first poster alludes to the last scene of the film. It depicts the oldest cinema vampire, the rock star of his kind. The second poster is a portrait of the character holding a smartphone and watching his own old movie with an astonished expression. It brings together the spooky character and this new omnipresent technology. The third piece is a reinterpretation of the iconic shadow over the stairs scene, possibly interrupted by the modern distraction of a smartphone notification. The last poster is based on the scene where Nosferatu gets away from the ship, representing his entrance into a new century and showing in his face a curious expression of joy.

NosferatuSurpresoFINAL5 a4.jpg
ReferenciasNosfertuescadaFINAL7 a4.jpg
PosterCelularSaindoFINAL10 A4.jpg
Estudos poster100anosNosferatu.jpg
ReferenciasNosfertuescadaFINAL7 a4.jpg
MockUp copyv2.jpg
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